Title Bad Moon Rising
Author Chris Heal
Paperback 234 x 155 mm, RRP £15.99
Content Three fictional novellas • 234 pages •
21 B&W illustrations • 2 maps
ISBN 978-1-9161944-5-8
Printer IngramSpark
Publisher Chattaway & Spottiswood, Hampshire
October 2023

Bad Moon Rising

Bad Moon Rising is available for purchase from selected local stores, major bookshops and from internet retailers at a recommended retail price of £15.99, including:

Goldfinch Books, 24 High Street, Alton, Hampshire, 0779 653 1197


Despair A complete loss of hope (n.)
To be overcome by a sense of futility or defeat (v.)

The line between cosy normality and disaster is thin.
All it takes is a malign or uncaring person to guide events.
Then your world collapses.
And there’s usually nothing you can do about it.

Three disturbing stories about despair on the edge of your world.

Disgraced soldier Billy Budd returns to Alton having lost all belief in authority. His greatest wish is to destroy those who make the rules. A foreign power spots an opportunity and hands Budd the wherewithal to tear his home town apart.

Mary May is a recently widowed pensioner without family or close friends. She has no phone, no internet, no bank account. Mary is mugged in her home in Alton and badly needs a caring hand. Much of the overworked welfare community has retreated behind websites.

The Russians deploy nuclear weapons in the Ukraine to disastrous effect. Planet Earth implodes. Two survivors aboard the international space station are flung into the great void where they learn that Earth’s last second was part of a galactic experiment.