Chattaway & Spottiswood is pleased to offer the published work of Chris Heal, including his four latest books, Bad Moon Rising, The War of The Raven, Saints & Sinners and La dernière patrouille de l’UC 61, all released in the Autumn of 2023.

Bad Moon Rising contains three independent fictional novellas dealing with despair in the modern world:

The Voice of Rage and Ruin:
Billy Budd: ‘We want our rage to be felt by the whole world through what we are doing to Alton. We want its ruins to be our monument and our thanks for our wasted lives.’

Bad Times Today:
Mary May: ‘I need help. I don’t have any money. My husband’s just died. Everyone who says they can help will only talk to me on the phone or on the internet and I don’t have those things. It’s not very friendly.’

Don’t Go Round Tonight:
Tralfamadorians: ‘Humans in large colonies are the weeds of the universe to be ignored or, better, torn up and thrown away.’

Views from early readers:
The original ideas just keep coming and coming … These shocking stories are fiction, right? … You won’t feel safe in your bed … Picks up on everyone’s frustration, disgust really, with the people who rule our lives … Brilliant homage to Kafka, Melville, Orwell, Turgenev and Vonnegut … For Alton, read any sorry town in the UK … I wanted to wrap Mary May up and save her from this uncaring world … Humans look most unattractive in a zoo … The writing is spot on: despair tinged with black humour … That’s Christmas sorted.

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